SeaWorld Orlando

Come visit your favorite whale, Shamu, at Sea World Orlando. Sea World features many new rides and attractions including: Kraken, Journey to Atlantis, and Wild Arctic. Along with the thrilling rides, Sea World also offers breath-taking shows and animal attractions to astound and amaze your family.


At Sea World, protecting and preserving the environment and all its wildlife is more than an interest, its their passion. Explore the deep, blue, ocean. People are drawn to it every day. Some watch its ebb and flow. Others to immersed in its gentle power. And even more to feed an inevitable curiosity about this world beneath our world. Whatever the reason, when you're at Sea World Orlando, you connect with the sea in all these ways and more. You go below the surface. Above the waves... And beyond your expectations!

SeaWorld Rides

A world of excitement awaits you. Challenge Kraken, Orlando's only floorless coaster. Experience Journey to Atlantis -- part water ride, part roller coaster. Encounter the frozen North in Wild Arctic.

  • Remember the monster under your bed? Well, it grew up! Kraken, the monster of all roller coasters, is the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando. It will take you to the heights of a 15-story building and turn you upside down seven times, all at speeds reaching 65 mph!

  • Journey to Atlantis is the future of theme park thrill rides. Combining the best parts of water rides and roller coasters, and adding out-of-this world special effects. Journey to Atlantis is one of the most unbelievable rides imaginable.

  • Once you enter this frozen wonderland, you'll be enveloped in the beauty, exhilaration and danger of Arctic exploration. You'll come face-to-face with real walruses, beluga whales and two famous polar bears named Klondike and Snow!

SeaWorld Shows

Whether you choose to meet Shamu, the world's most famous killer whale, or immerse yourself in the grandeur of the underwater circus called Odyssea, we're sure to have a show you'll enjoy.

  • The Shamu Adventure, hosted by the animal expert Jack Hanna, demonstrates the awesome power of SeaWorld Orlando's family of killer whales. Shamu splashes waves of excitement into the crowd with breathtaking displays of grace and beauty. Through the magic of ShamuVision -- a huge, high-resolution video screen -- guests witness the magnificent beauty of the park's biggest star and experience exotic locales such as Alaska, Norway and the remote Crozet Islands.

  • The wonders of the sea come to life with a breathtaking, mystical show at Sea World's Nautilus Theater. Odyssea is a non-traditional circus that combines high-flying acrobatic performances, delightful comedy, whimsical costumes, dramatic music and fantastic special effects within a spectacular set themed as an underwater fantasy world.

  • Venture beyond the horizon in an experience that takes you into a world of acrobatic dolphins and whales, soaring birds and leaping water with a spirit all its own. Blue Horizons an all-new dolphin theatrical performance about the place where sea meets sky. It could only happen at SeaWorld.

  • Pets Ahoy! is a hilarious show featuring the talents of a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, rats, skunks, pot-belly pigs and other animals performing a series of uproarious -- and amazing -- skits. In the show, more than 100 animal athletes show off skills such as soaring, flipping, jumping, high-wire walking, dune buggy riding and more -- all with a comical twist.

  • A swashbuckling adventure awaits you ... featuring a sensational tale of lost loot, pirate plunder and misadventure on the high seas. A SeaWorld Orlando animal trainer and his first mate, Clyde the sea lion, pal around during the new sea lion and otter show, Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island.

SeaWorld Animal Attractions

Take your family below the surface, above the waves and beyond your expectations at SeaWorld Orlando. Where you can touch and feed dolphins, count the teeth on a shark and feed seals and sea lions.

  • Visit Manatee Rescue and immerse yourself in the underwater world of the Florida manatee. Manatees who live in this habitat were rescued by SeaWorld. Often, Manatee Rescue becomes a manatee halfway house, where these endangered animals receive care before being released back into Florida waters.

  • Cavort with California sea lions and harbor seals as they climb, dive, swim, snooze and surf at Pacific Point Preserve! This 2-acre naturalistic setting is a re-creation of the spectacularly rugged northern Pacific coast beaches and grottos. During your visit, you can even attend a feeding session!

  • Experience Sea World's slice of the Antarctic, the Penguin Encounter, while a 120-foot-long moving walkway transports you through this frozen wonderland. You can see more than 200 penguins -- including Rock-hopper, Gentoo and King -- and three species of flighted birds as they jump, slide and dive both above and below the water.

  • Travel through the world's largest, underwater acrylic tunnel and find yourself just inches away from dangerous predators in Shark Encounter. Slithery eels, frightening barracuda, venomous fish and toothy sharks make their home in this coral reef habitat.

  • Located in Key West at SeaWorld, Dolphin Cove is a 700,000-gallon lagoon that is home to Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. This habitat is one of the largest interactive dolphin pools in existence and features two-foot high waves, a sandy beach and a naturalistic coral reef. At Dolphin Cove, park guests can feed the dolphins during designated times throughout the day.


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