A New Place to Call Home

There are about 40 million visitors that arrive in Orlando every year, and a large portion of them stay! So, what draws so many to the area? Well, there are the theme parks, but the real question is: why do so many stay? There are hundreds of reasons why this area is so popular but I will only name the best reasons.

About 2 years ago a family comes to Florida from Michigan. They just came down to see Disney and Sea World and they stayed in an Orlando Vacation Home. They ended up taking a day trip around Central Florida to see what the REAL Florida looked like. The children are 7 and 14, and the father owns his own roofing company, and the mother is a secretary. The family decides that they really love the Kissimmee area and being so close to all the theme parks is just a great perk. The Family moves down to Florida about 6 month later and they found beautiful Orlando Homes for Sale, located about 8 miles from Disney. The area they live in now is wonderful gated community with parks and miles of trails.

Small communities like this one are scattered all throughout the Central Florida area. Their home offers a great view of the lake and walking distance to school. Itís perfect, the wifeís company relocated her to a sister company In Orlando (which is only 20 minutes away). The father moved his business down here and began with lots of jobs. The seven year old loved the fact that he lives so close to Disney but the 14 year old was slightly upset that she had to leave all of her friends in Michigan. After 3 months, the whole family began to adjust to the new setting and really couldnít picture themselves in any other place in the world!

This is just one of many success stories from real people who live in Florida. Most people come down just to go on vacation and the fact is, it is so beautiful that no one wants to leave. Over the past 20 years the population of Central Florida has exploded into a thriving tourist destination. This means the number of jobs was surpassing the number of residents. So people flocked to this area. That in turn increased the necessity of grocery stores, hair salons, police, hospitals, schools, etc.  This growth began to excel at a very rapid pace and the market for homes went through the roof! Nowadays the market is very stable, with the average home costing around 130,000 in a decent location. The cost of living is a bit higher here but the jobs pay way more than some other parts of the country. The reason for the slightly higher cost of living is fact that you have everything you need at your finger tips. Great hospitals, great schools, world class restaurants, and of course a whole world of entertainment! Unless snow shoveling is your profession, then there is work for you. There are jobs in almost every field here in Central Florida. With the population growing everyday, there is a demand for services like landscaping, construction, office jobs, and even independent business owners!

So on your next visit to Orlando, just take a look around and picture yourself living in this wonderful, thriving tropical paradise in the heart of Florida! Donít forget that you are only 40 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean and only 90 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. When you live in Central Florida you are 40 minutes from Port Canaveral where many very popular cruise ship dock. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are only a 3 Ĺ hour drive from Orlando. Another great reason why living in Central Florida is that the cost of living is cheaper than south Florida but youíre only about 6 hours from the Florida keys! A world of paradise awaits you when you buy you first piece of Florida real estate. One last thing, Florida does not have state income tax!